If you are using PayPal to register for the 2023 Pan Festival in Blue Hill, please use the link above to pay and also send an email to Matthew Freedman to confirm the indivdual's names and the name of the band so that we can record who has been registered.

Sandy Phoenix, President of Peninsula Pan, Inc.

Mathew Freedman Treasurer, Peninsula Pan, Inc.

  • Martin Conte, Board Member and Music Director
  • Diane Bossert, Board Secretery
  • Tom Leigh, Board Member
  • Kate Morse, Board Member
  • River Muise, Board Member
  • John Piot, Board Member
  • Fiona Schubeck, Board Member

Matthew Freedman Registered Clerk for Peninsula Pan, Inc.

Jim Fisher, Webmaster

Sue Hipsky & Susan Brookman, Co-Captains Flash in the Pans

Mailing Addresses

Permanent Address
Registered Clerk: Matthew Freedman
677 Bagaduce Road
Brooksville, ME 04617
Telephone: (207) 266-7693